What Is A Home Inspector?

Jul 23, 2022


So what is a Home Inspector?

You may not be familiar with what is a Home Inspector actually does, or what role they play in a real estate transaction.

So let's clear it up....

A Home Inspector is someone who provides a visual inspection of the major systems and components of a property.

The inspector also provides a written report documenting major defects and other important information observed during the inspection.

Inspectors are primarily looking for material or major defects that would:

  • Affect the financial value of the propety
  • Pose a safety risk or hazard to the occupants.
  • Prevent the property from being properly insured


3 Common Misconceptions About Home Inspectors

  1. Home Inspections are "pass/fail: This is incorrect. Home Inspectors are not Building Code Insepctors, so the inspection is not based on local code requirements. An Inspector is often familiar with local building code standards, but most will refrain from quoting code in their report.
  2.  Inspectors are Appraisers: Appraisers are looking to establish a financial value to the property, while a Home Inspector is observing and reporting on major defects withing the property. While both parties play an important role in real estate transactions, each has very different roles that serve different purposes.
  3.   Inspectors Kill Deals: Often times, Realtors will label Inspectors as "Deal Killers." The truth is, most Inspectors do not care about the outcome of the Real Estate deal. We want the best for our clients      who hired us. So if that means telling them about all the defects we found....Then so be it...even if it     "kills a deal" for a Realtor

Overall, Home Inspectors are a special set of eyes that provide buyers with the information they need to make a decision on their major purchase.



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