3 Tips To Get Customers As A Home Inspector

Aug 28, 2022

One of the best things about being a Home Inspector is that you are needed. 

In 80% of all Real Estate transactions, an Inspector is required.


 3 Tips To Stay Booked As A Home Inspector 


#1 Social Media Marketing

This is probably the best resource to reach out to potential customers and clients for you as a Home Inspector.

 The social media platforms are free and literally every day billions of people are visiting Instagram, Facebook, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, etc.

A lot of home inspectors are missing the mark with social media marketing. They don't even show up online when it's free, and there are billions of people and potential customers on there.

 Don't make the same mistake.


#2 Attend Real Estate Broker Meetings.

 A lot of real estate brokerages host meetings, seminars, and networking events, etc. in order to meet new vendors, potential agents, and clients.

Start showing up at those meetings! Introduce yourself to the agent and staff at the brokerages. 

You can also initiate these events yourself. 

Reach out to brokerages and ask if you can sponsor a “Lunch & Learn” where you can make a small presentation for the agents of that brokerage, letting them know what services your home inspection company provides. 

It's also a great way to make direct connections with your top referral source…Realtors.


 #3 Investor Buyers

Alot of inspectors overlook investor buyer customers which is really unfortunate.

Here’s why…

Most of your inspections are probably going to be with primary home buyers, people who are buying a home to live in for the next 30 years.

But many investors are making multiple purchases every month, and they often get an inspection before closing.

So find out who the investors are in your market, reach out, and  offer your services!

Ultimately, this is a relationship business.  It's all about meeting people and making connections.

Don't be the cheesy inspector who only is after money. 

Take pride in building your business based on great relationships and great service.

Be intentional about building and maintaining relationships with the top Realtors in your market and your phone will always be ringing off the hook!




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